What we do

We solve business challenges by building web apps based on Python, JavaScript and PHP

Software Development

Interested in a basic corporate website to tell the world about your business? Looking for a way to start selling online? Need a more tailored platform to automate or digitize your processes? For these and other digital challenges, we are the right team for the job.


Our team is ready to provide consultancy in areas like digital transformation, ecommerce, SEO and other areas that will help you scale your business online or become more efficient.

UX/UI Design

Thorough wireframing and exquisite web design are highly recommended to create easy to use and attractive interfaces. This is important if you are aiming to retain your clients, improving your conversion rates or simply making a great first impression.


AidHound is a case management software created by I Am to help organizations tackling the hardest social challenges.

Nonprofits, municipalities, foundations, and even businesses, need better data about the people they are helping, the activities they are developing and where they stand in regards to their goals and KPIs.

At I Am, we have a lot of experience migrating organizations of all sizes to our case management software.

For more details, please send us an email or visit the website.